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The ADTEL Group is North America's foremost production company specializing in audio productions for telephone hold. ADTEL has experienced exceptional growth since our beginning in 1982, and today we continue to set the standards for the industry. Our full in-house sound production studio services thousands of subscribers across Canada and the United States. We also have clients in England, Australia, Mexico, Netherlands, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.

Our staff includes a team of full-time creative writers, production engineers, customer service representatives, telecommunications/sound technicians, an IT specialist, as well as administrative and accounting support staff. Marketing representatives in each of our sales offices assist clients in determining the program best suited to their business. ADTEL's management and staff have over several hundred years of combined experience in radio, television, broadcast schools, telecommunications and graphic arts. Our expertise is unmatched. A variety of professional voice talent is used to produce audio productions for telephone hold - our primary business focus.

The ADTEL studios are completely computerized and outfitted with the latest digital recording equipment necessary to deliver broadcast quality productions in both digital and analog formats. Our multiple music libraries and three sound effects collections give our clients access to one of the largest and most comprehensive audio libraries in the telephone hold industry. We also boast the latest in Flash Animation & Web Site design software.

ADTEL is committed to quality and constantly strives to supply the very best products and playback equipment available. In January of 2000, we proudly introduced the DigADTEL PLUS, one of the most advanced digital audio announcers on the planet! This unit allows us to deliver our audio productions over a telephone line, in a purely digital environment, providing our customers with superior announcement quality and unparalleled versatility. No user intervention is required to switch productions because an internal clock/calendar controls message playback.

In the spring of 2002, we introduced the next generation in Digital On-hold announcers, the DigADTEL PLUS 2 SmartCard. This unit features Internet Download capabilities, which allows our clients to retrieve their ADTEL productions via the Internet, just like an e-mail attachment. The productions are saved onto a "Smart Media" memory card that is inserted into the side of the announcer. This technology is extremely user friendly and is compatible with most computer operating systems. The DigADTEL PLUS 2 SmartCard will allow us to better serve our International customers, as well as those in remote areas, offering the speed and ease of instant electronic delivery.

In the summer of 2002, we announced the inception of "WEBVOICE", a complete Internet Audio Production service. Incorporate dynamic sound effects and informative commentaries into your website and make a lasting impression on your audience.

Seeburg Music, a division of The ADTEL Group, provides commercial-free music to businesses throughout Alberta. We were one of the first business music companies to offer satellite direct broadcasting for greater coverage and variety. The Seeburg portfolio also includes sound system installations, ranging from small offices to the world's largest shopping center, West Edmonton Mall.

Since 2007, ADTEL Digital Signage Solutions has been revolutionizing the Digital Signage Industry by providing new and more effective ways to communicate your message. Using the most comprehensive digital signage solutions available, we can create, manage and deliver stunning results. ADTEL Digital Signage Solutions will more than meet your needs, from a simple menu board to a sophisticated national network of point of purchase displays. Our solutions will captivate your audience and convey your message effectively, no matter how big or small your application or budget.
The ADTEL production team is made up of highly skilled computer technicians and graphic designers who operate some of the most sophisticated software on the market. They are continually researching products and honing their skills to stay on the cutting edge.
ADTEL Digital Signage Solutions is committed to quality and constantly strives to supply the best digital signage displays available. Using timely, targeted 'rich media' content, our digital signage solutions are a powerful tool for communicating immediate messages, merchandising and product information directly to the consumer, while enhancing their visit or shopping experience.