ADTEL Subscriptions include:

- Creative scripts and copywriting
- Update notices and creative support
- Professional voice talent
- Broadcast quality recording and mixing
- Music licensing and releases
- Use & maintenance of digital playback equipment
- Delivery of regularly scheduled production updates
- Notarized copies of scripts

Customized Productions

Productions include a series of customized audio productions with between 6 and 10 professionally written messages about your business. You choose a music style and a voice talent preference and our team will take care of the rest. With a wide variety of production schedules available, we are confident your specific update requirements can be met. Increase sales opportunities, cross-market products and services and feature current specials.

ADTEL Musicpacs

Musicpacs include a series of 12 annual productions consisting of music only. Selections may include one of 8 Music Plus Group categories from the ADTEL music library. Music on hold is proven to reduce abandoned calls.

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ADTEL Econopacs

Econopacs include a series of productions with up to 8 messages selected from a "pool" of pre-written courtesy messages that are to be used on both productions. Courtesy messages enhance your corporate image and alleviate callers' frustrations while on hold. A second production may include a voice and music change. Company names will be inserted upon request.

ADTEL Triviapac

Our Triviapac is a unique concept designed especially to entertain and enlighten your callers while on hold. It features amusing anecdotes, fantastic facts, lighthearted horoscopes, sports, entertainment, history and much more. The Triviapac includes 12 productions annually, each eight minutes in length. There are from 8 to 10 professionally written and voiced messages in each production. Each Triviapac is produced with music licensing fees included.

The Triviapac is so entertaining that some callers ask to be put back on hold!