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Music is essential in creating the distinct identity you need for success.

Why Seeburg?
Custom music services are a key component of a unique branding solution

1. Increased Sales

2. Enhance your Brand Image

3. Create your Desired Environment
Music is essential to creating the distinct identity you need for success in your business.

Custom music and messaging services are a key component of a unique brand solution. We offer a variety of custom music services that provide all the flexibility you need to create your in-store branded experience. Giving a voice to your brand extends your reach and helps you better connect with your customers - and your employees.

Our music services range in price and complexity from simple and elegant, to full custom programming. Seeburg puts the power of music to work for you, resulting in increased sales, enhancement of your brand image and the creation of the desired atmosphere for your business environment.

Benefits of music in the workplace:

  • Music sets the tone for the day, it helps put us in a frame of mind that can provide us with extra boosts of motivation and enthusiasm for our work.
  • The sound of keys being tapped, computers whirring, and co-workers talking on the phone are much more distracting than the consistent hum of background music.
  • Music Works surveyed 2000 people, and found that staff feel upbeat and motivated to work when music is playing.
  • In the same study, 77% of staff said they are more productive when good music is being played. This increased to 83% of warehouse workers.
  • 75% of people surveyed admitted they'd be less likely to call in sick if there was music being played at work.
Music, Design & Strategy
Let our music designers create the perfect music strategy for your business.
Our music designers are qualified to create the best music experience for your needs.

Our Music Designers review hundreds of new releases every day to continue honing the right music experience for our clients. Tempos, textures, styles, lyrics and attitude are all essential considerations.

Then we put it all together. While some music providers simply pull a random mix of songs and hit the shuffle button, Seeburg designs programs to play in a unique, but deliberate way that maximizes a sense of variety and flow while minimizing repetition. It's art + science and our Music Designers are expert at it.

Seeburg's music sets a warm natural mood in stores, businesses, restaurants, where people work, and anywhere else you can think of. It is not distracting, it wears well, and it helps people feel bright, comfortable and happy to be there.

What determines your music?

  • Customer and employee demographics: age, gender, social standing, and their music taste.
  • Your business values.
  • The mood, attitude, and energy of your brand.
  • Current pop culture and media trends.
  • The decor and design of your business: flooring, wall coloring, wood, metal etc. Even your lighting: is it natural, bright, dim, or coloured? This all contributes to what music is best for your business.
  • Try not to think about your personal music taste, it's more about what music best impacts and compliments the working environment you are trying to create.

Copyright & Licensing
Custom music services are a key component of a unique branding solution

Keeping up with complex music licensing requirements is nearly impossible for today's businesses, and there can be a lot of confusion surrounding playing music in public places. But, noncomplience with copyright laws means risk of legal action in federal court and potentially costly penalties. At Seeburg, we not only design and deliver powerful music and music video solutions, we take care of the licensing so you can focus on running your business.

Some facts about copyright:

  • You can't copyright an idea or a fact.
  • An email is copyrighted as soon as it it sent.
  • Anything created before 1922 is in the public domain, and it is estimated that 85% of works completed between 1923 and 1963 are also.
  • Copyright on something only lasts a certain period of time. In Canada, the time period for copyright is 50 years after the author's death, then it becomes public domain and anyone can use it.
  • If you wrote a piece of "X-files Fanfiction" using the characters Mulder and Scully, you technically are commiting copyright infringement. But most authors and producers of TV shows turn a blind eye to fanfiction, as they don't want to hurt their fans, and if anything, it increases their popularity!
Your Seeburg rep knows the equipment is just as important as the playlist.

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