Web Page Audio

Make a lasting impression on your visitors! Incorporate dynamic sound effects and informative commentaries onto your website and gain an edge over your competition. Choose from our wide range of professional voice talent and a huge selection of broadcast quality music and sound effects to customize your site. Add another dimension to your website with hi-fidelity audio.

ADTEL Web Voice Offers:

- Professional Copywriters & Voice Talent
- Music Library with Thousands of Broadcast Quality Sound Effects
- Latest in Flash Technology & Web Design Software
- Flash ensures maximum user compatiblity - Flash installed on over 97% of all web browsers.

Homepage Greeting:

Use a homepage greeting to differentiate your site from your competitors' and welcome your visitors in style!

Site Narration:

Choose from our wide range of professional voice talent to help guide your visitors through your website. You can also include music and sound effects to create a distinct identity for your company.

Online Sales Support

When selling products and services online, being able to effectively describe them is essential. Adding audio to your online point of sale system can help. In fact, when used in an E-Commerce application as a help guide, it may increase sales by as much as 33%. Get WEBVOICE today and start converting more visits into orders.

Instructional Sequences & Power Point Presentations

Synchronize custom audio into your PowerPoint presentations to ensure that your messages are delivered clearly with maximum impact. Choose from our wide range of professional voice talent to help guide your audience through each slide of the presentation. We can also include music and sound effects to create a distinct pattern of audio cues to help your audience follow along and get the most from your presentation. PowerPoint has long been the standard presentation tool for businesses across the world, and now with audio from WEBVOICE you can make your message more powerful and effective than ever.

Quick Clips:

Complement your site maps, information pop-ups, glossaries, and other important links with short bursts of audio. Quick Clips help keep your website organized and your customers' attention focused. Provide additional content to your customers without having to direct them to another web page and without the clutter of pop-up windows. Use Quick Clips to reinforce key concepts, provide product definitions, and to offer tips and helpful information throughout your site.

Buttons, Banners & Graphics

Make your site more interactive and memorable with audio enhanced live buttons. We can make your navigation buttons, banner ads and graphics 'come to life' when you click or mouse-over them. Add audio to pop-ups, skyscrapers, floating windows, and other rich media ads and increase your brand exposure and click-through rates.

Flash Movies, Commercials
& Computer Animation

Flash animation can look great, but without any audio it is still a silent movie. Finish the job by incorporating music and character voice-overs in your Flash projects. Hook your visitors and hold their attention. By adding audio, you create a more engaging experience for your visitors and increase the potential for sales.

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