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How often do you get put on hold and hear:


Recent surveys reported that the absence of sound or music during hold time results in an astonishing 60% caller hang-up rate within the first 60 seconds. You have a potential customer waiting on the line - why risk losing them with dead air?


It seems like a good idea to plug a radio into the phone system to entertain your callers. It may be the way to go if you think your customers will appreciate the musical taste of the staff responsible for selecting a clear station - or if you're certain they won't mind listening to horrifying newscasts and your competitor's commercials.

Background Music

Background music produces better results with callers than silence or radio broadcasts, but still provides no marketing value. You also have to be very cautious that you have obtained the necessary legal rights to play the music.

ADTEL messages transform your on-hold button into a business information resource.

"Hold time" becomes productive for both your business and your callers. Why waste time with "dead air" or a radio station selling everyone else's business when you have a potential customer waiting on the line?

According to recent surveys, 88% of all consumers prefer hearing a message on hold (rather than the other options) when holding for a company representative and will wait up to 3 times longer on hold. And roughly 20% of these consumers reported they made at least one purchase based on the information they heard in a hold message.

ADTEL Benefits:

The incorporation of ADTEL's custom music and messages for telephone hold as part of a strategic marketing campaign creates many benefits and opportunities for a wide variety of businesses and organizations. Some of these include an improved corporate image, reduced caller abandonment, and the means to market your products and services to a captive audience. Smaller businesses can enjoy the BIG impact that on hold messages provide, giving their customers the illusion of scale. ADTEL's custom productions have been proven to decrease perceived hold time and alleviate caller frustration while being on hold.

Opportunities arise when ADTEL's production team is at work for you. You can complement current advertising efforts, cross-market new products and services, and feature current specials.