Great communication starts with high quality audio components. From overhead paging and door intercoms to mass notification systems, industrial PAs and store-wide sound, ADTEL can provide the perfect audio system to elevate your business communications.


Whether you are looking for background music to enhance your retail shopping experience or need to make effective announcements in a noisy, industrial setting, ADTEL can design and implement a sound system that is effective, reliable and economical.

TOA Canada Corporation understands the importance of your
customers’ safety and the safety within your facility. TOA Canada Corporation carries a comprehensive product line that effectively manages building safety and security to ensure all occupants are safe at all times. TOA equipment provides combined functions for Paging, BGM, and Emergency Voice Alarm.

Increase the mobility and flexibility of your workforce by incorporating new technologies such as twinning (receiving office phone calls on your cell phone) and integrating wireless phones with your paging system.

For bigger buildings, the ability to maintain multiple paging zones make internal communications more streamlined and effective.

Set up your office phone to ring over the paging system or connect your door to an intercom for increased security.

Our paging systems include high-quality speakers so you can broadcast music or white noise as well as voice announcements throughout your operation.


We take pride in our “outside-the-box” solutions to audio challenges.
Here’s a small sample:

Keeping the Neighbours Happy

A well-established car dealership located next to a residential area needed a way to turn off their outdoor speakers every night – without
manual intervention.

Changing Their Tune

In the lobby of an upscale hotel, the energy changed as guests came and went throughout the day. To compliment this atmosphere, the musical ambiance needed to change also — automatically at pre-selected times.

Parents Just Didn’t Understand

A concrete-walled gym became more like an echo chamber when a school play was staged. Intelligibility was needed in order that the children could be heard as well as seen!

Classical Music in the Park

Incorporate dynamic sound effects and informative commentaries onto your website and make a lasting impression on your audience.

Now You Don’t See It

Tradition and heritage combined to present a puzzle when a historic church wanted to install a podium microphone in the sanctuary with nowhere to hide any cable.

Marching Out the Door

A huge library needed an efficient way to encourage users to head for the exit at the end of a long day. The solution remained a part of their daily routine for over two decades.

Alarmed Over IP

The entire staff in a large warehouse complex needed to hear an alarm siren over speakers and through the speakers of their IP phones — without anyone pressing the “Page” button on
any telephone.

Hotspot Shopping Mall

Busy shoppers could barely hear the sound unless they were standing directly beneath the ceiling speakers… and when they did, it was far too loud. Adding twice the number of speakers in the world’s largest indoor shopping centre simply wasn’t practical… we came to the rescue!


We know that the equipment is just as important as the playlist.

That’s why we partner with the industry leaders in A/V technology to bring our customers the absolute best equipment available. From speakers and microphones to amplifiers and equipment racks, we’ll make sure the technology we provide enhances the special characteristics of your environment.


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