Our music designers are qualified to create the best music experience for your needs.

Our Music Designers review hundreds of new releases every day to continue honing the right music experience for our clients. Tempos, textures, styles, lyrics and attitude are all essential considerations.

Then we put it all together. While some music providers simply pull a random mix of songs and hit the shuffle button, Seeburg designs programs to play in a unique, but a deliberate way that maximizes a sense of variety and flow while minimizing repetition. It’s art + science and our Music Designers are expert at it.

Seeburg’s music sets a warm natural mood in stores, businesses, restaurants, where people work, and anywhere else you can think of. It is not distracting, it wears well, and it helps people feel bright, comfortable and happy to be there.

Over the years, we’ve undertaken thousands of custom sound system installations & retro-fits, from small retail shops & medical offices to gigantic shopping malls & warehouses and everything in between. It’s been our privilege to work with everyone from small business owners, restaurant managers, principals and non-profit board members; to electrical contractors, construction project managers and major builders.

We’re aligned with the best providers of music specially programmed for commercial use — DMX / Mood Media, PlayNetwork and SIRIUS XM Music for Business — all pioneers and innovators in the industry. We’re also an authorized dealer for TOA Electronics, the leading manufacturer of commercial audio products in the world.

What determines your music?


Music is the soundtrack of your business — it is an investment that defines your brand, sets a vibe and enhances the customer experience. ADTEL Business Music offers simple and affordable internet streaming music services from Mood Media and SIRIUS XM — industry leaders that provide the best quality music on the market… bar none!

Each of these premier music suppliers offers interruption-free playlists, handcrafted by a team of professional music programmers from an extensive library of millions of music tracks. From the most popular songs of all time to tracks from up-and-coming and indie artists, it’s all here.

The Best in Music for Business

Our dedicated music programmers are passionate about music. They create entertaining programming that millions listen to on a daily basis, and that same passion, knowledge and experience is used to program music for your business. Our extensive music library and programming is what sets SiriusXM apart from other business music services.

A wide variety of background music

Restaurant music, hotel music, office music — even on hold music. Each has its own unique requirements. So we offer a diverse selection — from pop to jazz, standards to rock, or blues to classical — to keep your customers engaged, energized and entertained while motivating your employees.

Internet Service

Listen to SiriusXM Music for Business online, on the app or through one of our dedicated Commercial Players. Enjoy 95+ commercial-free music channels for your business, 29 of which are programmed with no DJ talk or commercial interruptions and also get access to seasonal programming throughout the year.

The Right Music for Your Unique Business

Let our expert Music Consultants help you design the most effective music programming package for your business, then use ProFusion X to put it into action effortlessly. In addition, ProFusion X delivers the highest fidelity experience with DFX Dynamic Sound Enhancement software. With DFX, ProFusion X delivers superior fidelity, ambience, dynamic and bass boost performance.

The Mood Media ProFusion iS audio player comes preloaded with hundreds of hours of music, expertly programmed by Mood Media. Internet-based technology enables new music titles and playlists to be automatically pushed through a modem connection via the Internet or DMX provides monthly update CD-Roms. You may select your own music style categories, available in 5 or 10 channel options or choose the pre-selected 10 channel line-up.

10 Pre-selected music channels:

Ambrosia, Jukebox Gold, Expressions, Pick Up Country, Plaza, Hot FM, 67890 – Pop/Adult Contemporary, Roadhouse, Town & Country, and Holiday Favorites.


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