BrightMenu Touchless Menu


Eliminate the risk of sharing menus by viewing the menu on a phone. BrightMenu is an affordable touchless menu solution that safely distributes your menu to all patron phones using a single BrightSign player. Users simply connect to the menu’s Wi-Fi network and scan a QR code to view.

No Internet, installed app, or display is required. Menu content is simply made up of one or multiple menu images that a user scrolls through on their phone. Alternatively, custom HTML can be employed to deliver engaging menus. The included Admin login allows businesses to easily add their menu images and customize the names of the Wi-Fi network and menu webpage.

With BrightMenu, restaurants can get their businesses up and running with a hygienic menu solution for patrons and employees alike.

Features & Benefits

• Eliminates the risk of sharing menus by replacing printed menus with one that easily displays on customer phones
• Delivers touchless menus to connected phones instantly with a simple QR code scan
• Distributes your menu to hundreds of patrons from a single BrightSign player with an installed wireless module
• Supports a variety of menu content from simple JPG & PNG menu images to more engaging menus with interactive HTML
• Offers an Admin login to easily upload your menu and customize the names of the Wi-Fi network and menu webpage
• Does NOT require an internet connection, an app or even a display
• Deploys easily to new and existing installations to get businesses up and running quickly
• Includes a BrightSign LS424 player, an installed Wi-Fi module and a micro SD card running the default BrightMenu presentation

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